Saturday, June 28, 2008

New FroYo in Dupont

2029 P Street N.W. Washington, D.C. 20036
Nearest Metro: Dupont Circle

One of the things I real want to talk about on the blog are places to find sweets (especially cupcakes) in the D.C. area! To me, there is nothing like a nice pastry to make a bad day better, or a good day great! Plus, I have the biggest sweet tooth out of anyone I know, and that’s saying a lot since most of my friends are dessert (and food) lovers as well.

I am a little skeptical when my roommate tells me she wants to take me to Tangysweet. She went last week with her coworkers, and can’t stop raving about it and I HAVE to meet her after work so we can go together and try. I know this concept of healthy yogurt covered in fruit, cereal, cookies, etc is very trendy, and every time I visit my friend A. in NYC she begs me to try Pinkberry with her. I always say no, telling her that it can’t really be all that good if it’s “good for you”. I want my dessert full of calories, fat, sugar, etc.

We meet after work for an evening of wine and appetizers at Firefly, strolling through Dupont, browsing through the $1 books at Second Story, and finally wandering over to Tangysweet. Not too hungry, we decide to share a small Original with raspberries and chocolate chips. The yogurt comes in three flavors, Original, Pomegranate, and Green Tea. The owner is there, and generously lets the girls behind us, who’ve “never tried it before” sample all three flavors. They tell him it’s better than Pinkberry. He smiles and says that’s what he likes to hear.

After sitting down outside the shop, hesitant, I take a bite. While it is not your typical sugary sweet “fro yo”, it sure is delicious. Tangy, it tastes like eating a creamier, colder, thicker version of the yogurt I bring to work in my lunch box. The raspberries are fresh and flavorful and combined with the chocolate chips the toppings are the perfect complement to the smooth yogurt. Before we knew it, the whole cup was gone.

My only complaint would be more toppings. Five raspberries for $.95? While they were delicious, I expect a few more for paying almost a dollar. But, I am definitely a believer now, and will be frequently visiting Tangysweet on hot summer days for a refreshing treat.

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