Monday, July 14, 2008

Good Stuff Part 2

Good Stuff Eatery
303 Pennsylvania Ave S.E, Washington D.C. 20003
Nearest Metro: Capitol South

We didn’t get to Good Stuff on opening day as I would have liked to; instead we gave them a few days to work the kinks out, and we went on opening weekend. On the way to the restaurant we thought it might be busy, so when we turned the corner to Pennsylvania Ave, we weren’t too surprised to see a long line outside.

Luckily, it was a beautiful night and we weren’t in a hurry. As we waited outside most of the other people in line were friendly and made small talk with those already eating on the small patio area. Everyone seemed very happy with their food, and would recommend one burger or another. By the time we got inside we were very excited to order our food!

Of course, Chef Spike was there, working the line, and while it was busy, he was very personable and fun to talk to. He didn't have to be nice, as lines were out the door, but he joked and talked with everyone in my party, which made ordering all the more pleasant.

I ordered the original Farmhouse Burger and a large bag of Village Fries (seasoned with rosemary and thyme) to share with JB. I opted out of a shake since I had had a big breakfast, but our friend M. ordered a chocolate one, and it was rich, thick, and worth going back for.

Everyone was very happy with the burger they ordered. While the patty was not that spectacular itself, everyone else who had ordered special burgers agreed that it was the toppings and fixings that made them great. Additionally, my friend Ben said there was gristle in his burger, but no one else seemed to have that problem. Next time I would probably order something a little less plain, as the Farmhouse is a little bland.

I really liked the french fries, especially with the seasonings! The dipping sauces were great, and I loved Spike’s nod to Maryland in the form of Old Bay Mayo. However, I could have eaten a large by myself, JB and I were not happy about sharing and they were the first thing that disappeared off the table. To be honest, it didn’t even seem that much larger than the small.

Since Capitol Hill isn’t really in my backyard, I don’t think I’ll be heading back anytime soon, but it was worth the trip and the experience. I would definitely take friends there who were visiting from out of town for lunch after a day of touristy stuff, because it is pretty fun. All in all I think it is a welcome addition to D.C. and worth stopping by if you’re not too far.

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Elizabeth said...

nice blog, erin! hope dc is treating you well. i didn't know you are a foodie these days. are you eating cheese now, too?

p.s. i will add you to my blogroll.